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company news about What is Nylon fabric? What is the difference with polyester taffeta, pongee and taslon?

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Company News
What is Nylon fabric? What is the difference with polyester taffeta, pongee and taslon?
Latest company news about What is Nylon fabric? What is the difference with polyester taffeta, pongee and taslon?

What is Nylon fabric


Nylon fabric, also known as polyamide fabric. It has the characteristics of flatness and fineness, smooth silk surface, soft hand feeling, light and thin, strong and wear-resistant, bright color, easy to wash and quick-drying, etc. It is mainly used as men's and women's clothing fabrics. The fabric weave is plain weave, and also can weave in diamond grid, nylon six-sided grid, nylon Oxford grid.




1.Nylon fabric is woven from nylon, also known as nylon textiles. The surface is fine and smooth, the texture is tough, the elasticity and strength are good, and it is used to make clothing and high-level decorative packaging materials. After coating and finishing, it can be made into ski jackets, raincoats, umbrellas, etc. There are two types of Nylon fabric, thin and thick. The weight of the thin type is about 40g/m2, and the warp and weft yarns generally use a single 30-denier nylon yarn; the thick type weighs about 80g/m2, and the warp and weft yarns use a single 70-denier nylon yarn.


2.Nylon fabric does not need to twist the warp and weft. It can also be used to roll various patterns and wrinkles of nylon yarn. There are many different finishing to do on nylon fabric, like dyed or printed also can be calendered or embossed and coated.


3. Nylon fabric is flat and dense after fabric whitening, fabric dyeing, fabric printing, fabric calendering or fabric embossing, the surface is smooth, the hand feel is soft, thin and firm, bright color, easy to wash and quick to dry.


Handling and processing


Several key points about the pretreatment of Nylon fabric: how efficient is the removal of PAC, the formulation of the desizing process; the removal of oil and other impurities, the choice of chelating agent in the desizing process; if the desizing efficiency is above 95% If there is no big problem with the levelness of dyeing, but the presence of heavy metal ions in the water quality will also affect the dyeing quality. It is recommended to use acid regulators with a certain chelating function, and prevent the existence of residual pulp, etc., to solve these problems Problem, the dyeing quality is guaranteed!


There are many ways to post-processNylon fabric raw silk, some can be refined, dyed or printed; some can be calendered or embossed; some can be coated.




When theNylon fabric burns, it melts while burning slowly. There is no smoke or a little white smoke when it burns, and it has very little flame and is blue. There is a scent of celery. The gray is a light brown lumpy, which is not easy to twist and break.



The difference between polyester taffeta, pongee, nylon and taslon


1. From the raw materials:


Polyester taffeta is 100% polyester, which is used for lining; pongee is also 100% polyester, with low grades and many varieties; nylon fabric is what we call nylon fabric, which is made of nylon; taslon is also full Nylon textile fabric.


2. From the perspective of weaving:


The weaving method of polyester taffeta andNylon fabric is the same, which belongs to the one-on-one weave.


Although Taslon's weave method is one-up and one-down, its warp direction is particularly thick, at least twice as thick as his weft direction. Taslon in cotton is called grosgrain.


The weaving method of pongee is roughly the same as that of polyester taffeta. This is not easy to distinguish, but it can be easily distinguished from the following other methods.


3. From the feel:


Polyester taffeta is more similar to Nylon fabric. Pongee has a soft hand and taslon has a very astringent hand.


In the comparison, we use the fabric burning method to distinguish nylon and polyester. Nylon belongs to Taslon andNylon fabric; polyester belongs to polyester taffeta and pongee; Needless to say, nylon and taslon. However, the distinction between polyester taffeta and pongee is different in terms of feel. The most important thing is "split." But Pong Yafang does not; when you do not tear the cloth, you can pull it along the warp direction of the cloth. With a little force, the polyester taffeta will "split", but Pong Yafang will not.

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